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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Verity Enterprises Civil Division performs a wide variety of site services, including:

  • Civil site design
  • Permitting

  • Photo rendering
  • Detailed construction drawings

Our design team provides site solutions for a variety of building types including restaurants, retail stores, churches, and industrial facilities.

With our in-house team of civil, structural, survey, geotechnical, mechanical and electrical engineering professionals, Verity Enterprises can customize our level of involvement on individual projects to fit your specific needs. We offer a variety of site planning services, including:

  • Preparing land-use and building permit documents.
  • Providing engineering services prior to and during construction.
  • Project scopes range from supplying drawings for building permits to coordinating all consulting disciplines to produce bidding documents for raw land-use sites. Upon completion of each project, we can also provide fully detailed as-built drawings to assure proper documentation of the finished product.

  • We are ready to travel to any location to manage your building project. Having all the necessary experience and knowledge as part of an in-house team is a huge advantage – it enables us to be more accommodating and more efficient on the jobs we manage. We will provide you a proposal quickly and start the project immediately after an agreement is finalized.


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